Music is one of the most popular forms of human expression, so it only makes sense that you dream of the ultimate musical experience in your car. AIS understands this and wants to make your listening experience the best it can possibly be by utilizing top of the line technologies, as well as our 30 years of experience in the industry, to shape a truly game changing audio system to your liking. Music is personal, which is why we at AIS emphasize a process of collaboration that better fosters the individual wants and needs of each client. In the end, you are shaping your dream automotive sound system, we simply serve as an engine to bring that dream to life, while simultaneously providing you with cutting-edge audio technologies to do it.


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Security & Remote Start

When it comes to the fast and sometimes chaotic pace of everyday life, we seek not only security but also convenience. We understand the value of convenience and provide top of the line technologies to fit your needs, whatever they may be. Whether it be the ability to start your car from anywhere, to warm or cool your car with the press of a button, or to GPS track your car wherever it may be, our exceptional technicians have countless years of experience installing these solutions in a wide range of vehicles. We understand life is busy, so after a consultation with one our technicians we prioritize efficient and effective project completion, allowing you to get back out on the road as quickly as possible. Believe us, once you experience such a high degree of convenience with the click of a button, you’ll never want to go back.


— Alarm Systems —
— Remote Starts —
— GPS Tracking —

Radar Speed Protection

When looking for peace of mind on the road, there is no better way than a radar detection system. Here at AIS we have immeasurable experience working with and installing these systems, particularly when it comes to custom-installed detectors. While we will always prioritize catering to the individual needs and wants of the client, we consistently recommend custom-installed detection systems due to their overwhelming effectiveness and discreetness when compared to portable units. With the constant breakthroughs in laser and radar technology you can also trust us to provide the most reliable laser and radar defense technologies on the market. Our habit of perfectionism and attention to detail ensures time after time that, regardless of vehicle, installation is subtle and nondisruptive, leaving your ride looking the same as when you brought it in and far less likely to score you a ticket in the future.


— Portable Radars —
— Custom Installed Radar & Laser Systems —

“The cars we drive say a lot about us. Your car is an extension of yourself. We’re here to ensure the journey is made in style and comfort. Our custom fabrication and installs go the extra mile.``

Custom Fabrication

With over 30 years working in the automotive industry, custom fabrication has always been a staple of our excellence. Our desire for perfection shapes everything we do, and particularly in the realm of custom fabrication, where it’s more of an art form than anything else, we take immense pride our work. With both expertise and know-how, our team is here to shape your car into the vehicle of your dreams. We are here to facilitate and foster any custom fabrication project you can dream of and shape it into reality. From the design phase all the way through to the projects completion, we work collaboratively and constructively with you every step of the way to ensure that your unique goals remain at the heart of every project. At AIS, if you can dream it, we can build it.


— PVC & Composite Fabrication —
— Interior Trim & Upholstery —
— Subwoofer Enclosures —
— Anything you can dream of —


AIS has been installing safety systems for a very long time, giving us invaluable experience and knowledge of the ever-changing market. Since their introduction, we at AIS were immediately attracted to these technologies, particularly due to the inherent safety benefit of such solutions. Over the years, the popularity of these technologies, including backup cameras and blind spot detection, has rapidly grown and for good reason. With such a large range of options, you can trust us to always recommend and provide the most cutting-edge and reliable safety systems on the market, providing you and your passengers with a safer driving experience. In an uncertain world, there is no better way to protect yourself and the ones you care about than with a host of safety technologies, which we will efficiently install, getting you back on the road with an effective and enhanced automotive safety system you can trust.


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