EST. 1994

Luxury and Technology in Harmony.

Audiolines Integrated Systems envisions, creates and supports environments with custom integration of sound, light, materials and smart technologies.

We Provide :

Integrated Custom Audio/Video Systems for Residential, Automotive & Marine Environments. Servicing Metro Vancouver, Sea to Sky & Fraser Valley.

We Design :

Digital and physical realms. Integrating immersive and easy to use audio and automation systems in environments that also utilize a wide variety of materials to create a stunning visual.

We Guarantee :

To integrate the delivery of audio/video systems with straightforward business practices and transparent pricing. We provide proven experience with 30 years of support solutions and customer service.

Our Divisions

Brands we carry

55Trusted Partners
5000Projects Completed
6Team/Staff Members
4Certified Technicians

Latest Work

We pride ourselves on our excellent quality and standard of work, which is particularly evident in our latest jobs. we ensure that all of our staff are up to the very latest standards of education in our specialized fields so that we can deliver you the product and experience you want every single time. whether it be automotive or residential you can be sure that at Audiolines we are committed to delivering our best work on every job, which shows in our latest projects. not only this, but we commit to pushing the bar of excellence further on each job we complete. when you send a project to Audiolines you have our guarantee that you receive nothing but the best.



Coming Soon

“Music begins where the possibilities of language end.”

Coming Soon

“Music begins where the possibilities of language end.”

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